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2010-07-02 22:59:50 by Sonicx400

if I get flip boom all stars, a whole lot of flash animation will be on here!

No flash

2009-10-25 21:35:17 by Sonicx400

Well, i was trying to get a animation maker, but I got some n64 roms and every time i try to download something, IT JUST CUTS TO PROJECT 64!!!! So I have to use paint and movie maker and put it up on youtube first before puting it up on newgrounds.

Some animations

2009-10-25 19:02:15 by Sonicx400

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Animations coming soon

2009-10-25 17:10:52 by Sonicx400

Well once I get a mic, 2 new shows will come, the banjo-kazooie show, and Jerry and Tails!